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Tarah Evans, DCHM, B.A., B.Ed. 
Certified CEASE Therapist
CEASE THERAPY for Autism and Chronic Diseases

CEASE: Complete Elimination of Autistic Symptom Expression. Although CEASE therapy is widely known for treating ASD, this method is used for treating behavioural disorders, gastrointestinal complaints, asthma, and a variety of other chronic infections and diseases. CEASE therapy is introduced when complex cases fail to resolve after application of classical homeopathic treatment alone. The CEASE method is often applied when individuals have encountered damage from vaccines, excessive medications/prescription drugs, anesthesia, etc. 

To use CEASE successfully, a Homeopath must first have excellent classical training, solid prescribing ability, good case management and knowledge of the constitutional remedies and organ functions.  

CEASE was pioneered in the Netherlands during the early 1990’s, by Dr. Tinus Smits, (a Dutch Physician and Homeopath) - whose work initially focused on detoxifying children who were damaged from vaccines. Detoxification (clearing) takes place by utilizing homeopathically prepared vaccines (known as isopathic remedies). As a result of this clearing process, Dr. Smits found that many behavioural problems (including mood swings, aggression, restlessness and attention difficulties) soon disappeared. It was therefore evident that these problems were irrefutably connected to early and multiple vaccine administration. When many of Dr. Smits’ patients with autism greatly improved after detoxification, he was increasingly convinced that autism was primarily a result of vaccine damage. After successfully treating over 300 children with autism, Dr. Smits was also able to conclude that autism is an accumulative result of many other causes including: genetic predisposition, pre-pregnancy treatments, toxic medications and other toxic substances, exposure to some diseases, etc.  

CEASE therapy is used in conjunction with Classical Homeopathy and orthomolecular medicine (supplements). These supplements help drainage of toxins from key organs and are used throughout the case on a daily basis. 

Approximately 50% of ASD cases can be helped significantly with classical homeopathy alone, therefore a constitutional homeopathic remedy is always the first choice to begin in any CEASE case. It is only when the constitutional homeopthic remedy(ies), fail to act, or seem blocked, and the case is hindered from progress, that isopathic remedies (vaccine remedies) are then an option. 

If a case is blocked and requires application of isopathic remediesthen the first step is to identify all contributing, causative factors. Many vaccines and medications have well known, characteristic side effects that may be evident in an individual’s case. For example, the MMR vaccine is related to skin rashes, chest congestion and chronic diarrhea, while reactions to the DTaP vaccine include: screaming fits, asthma, sinusitis and hypotonic muscles (low muscle tone).  

Each case is managed on an individual basis regardless of the method used, in order to select the constitutional remedy and any isopathic vaccines.

All isopathic remedies must be selected based on the presenting symptoms of the case; simply running down a vaccine list in order to clear any or all of them, is not suffice. If a vaccine remedy is used, then it must be the correct isopathic remedy for each vaccine given to a case, based on the actual manufacturer and lot number, in order to clear it properly and safely.

Detailed, accurate official vaccination records must be obtained per case, reviewed for accuracy and the symptoms that pertain to each assessed by the trained Homeopath very carefully.

You do not have to necessarily clear all the vaccines to progress a case.  

During all vaccine clearings there is still a constitutional prescription that is given weekly to support the individual throughout the whole process.

Each patient will not be prescribed more than one remedy at time, with the exception of some cell salts that may be necessary for brain and gut inflammation.